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This is what I like to see!

Starbucks Customers Pay It Forward 109 Times

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- It all started with one customer who ordered a double-tall, ginger snap latte.


A woman who ordered the tall drink started a domino effect by paying for the drink of the customer behind her in the drive-through line at the Starbucks in the 1000 block of Exposition Boulevard in Sacramento, which triggered a chain effect and allowed for 109 pay-it-forward drinks, reported KCRA-TV.


According to Starbucks worker April Fredrikson, the woman paid for the drink behind her, and the man after her paid for the drink behind him and it just kept going.


Although it's not uncommon for this type of pay-it-forward coffee chain to happen, Fredrikson said Monday's charity could break a record in the Guinness Book of World Records.


"We usually get up to 50 or 60 [pay-it-forwards], but 109, we're thinking that it's a record," Fredrikson said.


Fredrikson said the goodwill was exciting for those who were working the drive-through area.


"We still recognize that we're all kind of in it together, we're all in the economy thing together and to come here and just like pay it forward and help everyone out, it's really a community contribution," Fredrikson said.


Cool! It's not the coffee but the idea that people were willing to pay it forward; that's awesome.  Mum and I did that once, at the Mackinac Bridge. As the guy we paid it forward to passed us by, he waved frantically and was smiling. :)
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