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Jedi Realism
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This is a community for those interested in Jedi Realism.

A little about Jedi Realism
It is not a roleplay community - there are plenty of those around already - it is intended to be serious discussion for those who are interested in Jedi Realism as a path in life.

Unlike the larger websites that exist this community does not offer training or titles, it is simply a place for interested people to come together and discuss aspects of Realism in a LJ community. If you are seeking formal training, there are many other sites, and a Google search will reveal them.

Community Rules
- Obscenity, flaming, fighting or being disrespectful of another persons views is not allowed.

- Please keep fairly on topic. For example: posts relating to martial arts, other spiritualities, metaphysics, Star Wars, etc, will be considered on topic. Posts about your new ebay auction, or how to clean wine out of the carpet, or a link to a porn site are off-topic and not allowed.